Monday, March 4, 2013

Launch Guests and Food-ish Dressing

O what a lovely time the day we launched, Staples. Thanks to everyone involved. 

How to purchase a copy is shown below, after these photos.

Jacquelyne was Little Miss Muffet crossed with Alice from La La Land

Gen was Lamb Dressed as Mutton

husbanded by shareholders or shear-holders?

tired but happy at the end of the day, author Raewyn Alexander

The Happy Tea House all tidied for next time

Staples available in any book-store or library, just order using the name - Staples - recipes, hints, poetry and ISBN number

                                     ISBN 978-0-473-23253-5

or feel free to email me and get your copy of Staples that way raewynalexander at hotmail dot com

Monday, February 25, 2013

Staples launch this Sunday - Prizes

These prizes shown below, people may win
at Staples Book Launch this Sunday 3rd March 2013

2pm - 6pm Grey Lynn Auckland             RSVP

Dress like something to do with food, a dish, a chef, a menu, the finest dream ever after dinner, a fish, a vegetable, a taste, the chocolate goodness of ....

Please let me know if you'd like to attend, send a facebook message
to Raewyn Alexander, Auckland Aotearoa NZ 

This is the Supreme Prize - could be anyone's. RSVP

Please note - cash or cheque only at the book launch - thank-you

Staples - recipes, hints, poetry 
                                   (what everybody needs)

         R a e w y n    A le x a n d e r,%20Raewyn

Saturday, February 16, 2013

3 March, Sunday 2pm - 6pm BOOK LAUNCH

 3 March 2013 - S T A P L E S Book Launch in the garden

At Happy Tea House
45 Ivanhoe Road
Grey Lynn

- RSVP - (facebook msg the author please)

A secret garden, shady with outdoor rooms to lounge in, mermaids watching over and kittens frolicking.

Staples - Recipes, Hints, Poetry 
(All Everybody Needs) 

by Raewyn Alexander through Brightspark Books

some of the prizes you could win for dress-ups

Prizes possible for people in costume or dressed with food aspirations. How many Julia Childs or Alison Holsts may we get in one day? What does a human pavlova look like? Is a dormouse in a tea pot refreshing? Banquet hats permissable. Soup can costumes may be too hot. If you resemble a long tall drink of water that may not be a costume. RSVP

Yes - RSVP so the catering works sublimely. It is also my birthday and for that I want your presence, but no presents, thank-you.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Staples Launch end of February 2013

Soon to be launched - Staples - recipes, hints, poetry, (all everybody needs)

                by Brightspark Books Tamaki Maukaurau, Auckland, New Zealand

                                                                                ISBN 978-0-473-23253-5

Kia Ora, this intriguing book, Staples was suggested after Raewyn Alexander gorgeously described the dinners and lunches she prepared. These sumptuous status updates on facebook inspired the creation of this book, which includes tried and true recipes, household and gardening hints, along with poetry from this versatile writer.,%20Raewyn

Please stay with us here at Brightspark Books while we prepare the book for printing and then announce the launch, which will be held at The Happy Tea House in Grey Lynn, Auckland, Aotearoa, New Zealand. We plan to have this event near the end of February 2013.

The editing has been completed, and now the book design is well under way.

Willow Pattern plate detail Kelston Ceramics NZ c. 1965